Reasons Why You Should Travel to Punta Cana

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When you land in the Dominican Republic, you’ll quickly realize why this slice of paradise is the most visited vacation destination in the Caribbean.

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When you land in the Dominican Republic, you’ll quickly realize why this slice of paradise is the most visited vacation destination in the Caribbean. If you’re looking to travel to a heavenly destination, is an excellent idea to consider this maritime enclave which is not only beautiful but also has a wide range of recreational activities.  Punta Cana is well known for its thirty miles of near-continuous white sand beaches, flanked by towering coconut trees and all-inclusive hotels, making it the quintessential island escape. Once here, you will notice that there are too many reasons to choose this destination, we just want to highlight 5 of them, knowing that we fall short describing this place that surely you will remember forever.

Why Punta Cana? The beaches!

One of the best reasons to visit Punta Cana is to relax on its beautiful beaches. The clear turquoise water and thousands of swaying palms that provide necessary shade on the crystal sands make it understandable why so many resorts came here to set up shop. There are a few stand-out stretches of sand in Punta Cana, beginning with Juanillo, Macao, Playa Bavaro, just to name a few.

Friendly people

Not because we are Dominicans, but the people here are very kind. You will find that the people who work in the tourist areas and hotels are always willing to help with any request and they will also ensure that you have the best experience in the country.

All-inclusive hotels

An all-inclusive vacation in Punta Cana means you can quite literally put your feet up and take that much-deserved break from your job or the harsh winter weather. Punta Cana All Inclusive means just that, offering VIP room service 24 hours a day, countless restaurants that will feed you like a royal, luxury world-class spas, and even babysitting services should you wish to bring along the kids but want some one-on-one time with your partner.

Mama Juana

We the locals called the Dominican Viagra. This spiritual drink from my lovely Dominican Republic is made with rum, red wine, honey, to soak in a glass bottle with tree bark and herbs. In some excursions like Dune Buggies and Outback Safari, you will have the chance to try this amazing drink. The drink evolved from its early form as an herbal tea prepared by the Taino Indians, which included water with various tree bark and herbs. In the post-Columbus era, alcohol was added to the recipe.

Tours and excursions

If you can think of a water sport or recreation, you can rest assured in your tropical hammock that Punta Cana offers it. Punta Cana adventures include catamaran trips, snorkeling, Horseback riding, sailing, surfing, party boats, deep-sea fishing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, water skiing, parasailing, and, best of all, these are all usually offered on our website. In addition to water recreation, Punta Can offer some adventurous excursions that will encourage you to get out of your comfortable sun lounger, like; Saona Island, Catalina Island, Santo Domingo City and much more. Learn more about Saona Island

Looking for things to do in Punta Cana?

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Things to Do in Punta Cana

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