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Whether you’ve arrived here on purpose or by accident – we want to welcome you to our blog. we are excited because you are coming.

Whether you’ve arrived here on purpose or by accident – we want to welcome you to our blog. we are excited because you are coming to Punta Cana.

I’m sharing this post with my personal experience because who better than a local to show you around? I’ve put together a group of things you need to know about Punta Cana, which will be very helpful for your trip.


Best Times to Visit Punta Cana

The best time to visit Punta Cana is from March to May when the peak season rush trickles out of the city. Luckily, the weather is warm year-round, with average highs around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

March-May: This shoulder season sees fewer crowds and special deals on accommodations. The weather is also pleasant with sunny skies and average highs hovering in the low 80s.

December-February: Loads of tourists visit Punta Cana this time of year to bask in the warm weather, so expect your accommodations to be hard to come by and a bit on the pricey side. There are even larger crowds around Christmas and New Year’s Eve in December and Carnival in February, so make your reservations at least six months in advance.

June-November: Hurricane season is in full swing in the off-season, and when the beach and the golf courses are rained out, there is more to do. Remember the weather is warm year-round, if you feel like taking your chances with the weather, you’ll find cheaper hotel prices and discounts on vacation packages.

How to Save Money in Punta Cana

  • Consider the package deal All-inclusive resorts abound in Punta Cana and most rates cover all meals and drinks (including alcohol) along with water sports activities. Plus, there are plenty of deals to be found.
  • Consider the offseason From March to November, room rates get even cheaper as the peak-season crowds disperse for home. If you want to avoid the hurricane season, plan on visiting no later than May.
  • Consider bartering Bargaining is a fine art in Punta Cana. Anyone from street vendors to taxi drivers can be reasoned with, so offer 5 to 10 percent off the original price and stand firm.


Punta Cana is laid back, so your dress will be casual. T-shirts, tank tops, and shorts–or skirts and dresses for women, if desired–will take care of most of your needs. For evening, sundresses for the ladies and khaki pants and collared shirts for men usually are fine but check with your hotel for dress requirements. At most resorts, you will need a cover-up for your bathing suit in the restaurant. Although sandals probably will be your preference in the heat, bring a pair of comfortable shoes for walking in rocky areas

Culture & Customs

Most travelers stick close to the resorts to catch up on R&R at the beach, pool or spa. But, for at least one day, you should venture off the beaten past to get a sense of the Dominican Republic’s history and culture, which is highlighted by tasty local coffees, strong rums and fragrant cigars. Additionally, buggy adventures and boat rides are other ways to explore outside your resort.

Santo Domingo City tourThe official language is Spanish; however, tourism is such a large industry that English-speaking travelers should have no trouble communicating. And though the official currency is the Dominican peso, many of the Punta Cana resorts accept United States dollars, as well as all major credit cards.

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What to Eat

Most vacationers choose the cozy and convenient restaurants on their all-inclusive’ premises, but those who venture out to find affordable dining. Some visit the restaurants of other hotels for dinner, and chain restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe or Tony Roma’s Steakhouse are also popular. Other hot spots travelers enjoy include The JellyFish Restaurant (and its succulent seafood) and Chez Mon Ami (and its tasty French fare).

La BanderaThe Dominican Republic’s staple is La Bandera Dominicana (the Dominican Flag), which is a dish of white rice, red beans, meat and fried plantains (the colors are reminiscent of the Dominican’s red, white and blue flag). Most of the resort’s buffets and restaurant menus will feature some other traditional dishes as well, such as fried plantains and fish in coconut sauce. Expect to see a wide variety of tropical fruits. As for drinks, be sure to try the strong local coffee and the Presidente beer. “Mamajuana” is another popular, celebratory beverage made of tree bark and herbs soaked in rum, red wine and honey; it tastes like a more potent cinnamon Fireball

Expect to see a wide variety of tropical fruits. As for drinks, be sure to try the strong local coffee and the Presidente beer. “Mamajuana” is another popular, celebratory beverage made of tree bark and herbs soaked in rum, red wine and honey; it tastes like a more potent cinnamon Fireball whiskey.


Punta Cana is one of the safest vacation spots in the Caribbean, and tourists should feel comfortable traveling outside of the hotel zone. However, petty theft (especially of cell phones, according to some) does sometimes occur, so you should be careful when carrying valuables with you. Plan to travel in a group if you leave your resort, and women should be aware that men in Punta Cana can be overly flirtatious. Hotel security is good, and there’s even a special branch of the police department devoted to tourist safety, known as Politur (CESTUR). Police officers are often stationed in the hotels.

Cuerpo-Especializado-de-Seguridad-TurísticaBut previous travelers have had other concerns (specifically health issues) when visiting the Dominican Republic: Many say you should avoid drinking Punta Cana’s tap water. Always opt for bottled water and drinks without ice unless you’ve got a stomach of steel.

Getting Around Punta Cana


The best way to get around Punta Cana is by foot if you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort and by car if you plan to explore. Buses run along the main strip of hotels, but their irregular schedules make them a poor choice for getting around. Hotel concierges can easily summon taxis; Punta Cana Adventures offers Airport Transfers, ask customer service rep in the contact section — service average around $30 USD for four passengers.

MotoconchosThese taxi motorcycles have cheap fares, starting around $3 USD. But with the high accident rate and lack of helmets for passengers, we recommend taking a taxicab instead.
BusesTaking a local bus is one of the cheapest ways to get around, but not if you have somewhere to go in a hurry. The schedules are irregular, and buses have been known to be more than an hour late. Also, stops aren’t clearly marked, and buses are usually packed.

Entry & Exit Requirements

All United States citizens must travel with a valid passport to enter the Dominican Republic. In addition, you’ll need to obtain a travel visa before traveling (at the Dominican Embassy) or a tourist card upon arrival at the airport for $10 USD. These allow travelers to remain in the country for up to 60 days. For more information on entry and exit requirements, visit the U.S. Department of State’s website.

Expect an international crowd With affordable flights and hotel rates, Punta Cana sees many visitors from Europe and South America. (You may also see more speedos, thong bikinis and topless sunbathers than you’re used to.)

Things To Do In Punta Cana – Activities And Tours

Here is our list of best fun things to do in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! Punta Cana offers delightful adventures and excursions for the explorer! Visit the age-old city discovered by Christopher Columbus. Swim in azure blue waters, snorkel and scuba dive. Punta Cana is surrounded by some of the most iconic reefs in the world. Visit a theme park showcasing exotic animals and then take a swim with the dolphins or sharks if you are brave enough. Explore the island sugar cane and coffee plantations on a safari van or riding your own ATV. Cruise on a catamaran to a tropical island or sail over the treetops of a tropical forest on a zip line! End your day watching the massive humpback whales migrate on their way to warmer waters.

Coming to Punta Cana?
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Day Trips From Punta Cana Like Saona Island Or Santo Domingo City Tour.

 Taking a day trip is a fun and educational thing to do in Punta Cana. If you love to be on the beaches, enjoy a catamaran day trip to Saona Island where you can relax on a picture-perfect beach, soak up the sun, sample exotic cocktails and even learn how to do a Merengue dance!
Historians will enjoy a day trip to Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the Americas, discovered by Christopher Columbus. Your guide will give you a fascinating tour including a visit to museums, the university, and the town hall. If you enjoy underground adventures, a day trip to the Fun Cave is ideal for a group or family. Explore the rock art, tunnels and the river deep underground and learn about the tribes that lived here.

4WD, ATV, Buggy And Off-Roading In Punta Cana

One of the first things to do in Punta Cana and one of the most amazing Punta Cana activities is taking a 4WD, a dune buggy or ATV tour. These fabulous and adrenaline pumping rides take you on off-roads where there are fewer tourists and stunning landscapes to explore. Experience a 4×4 adventure to Macao Beach where you will enjoy the lush tropical trails near the Oriental Mountains and learn about the local coffee and banana trades. Then climb into a huge open safari truck and explore the back country roads that wind through miles of sugar cane fields.

For something different, try out the fun Flintstones-themed ride in a buggy. Take a 10km ride over wild and rocky trails, learn about ancient legends and see a Cave of Fantasy!

Ziplines In Punta Cana

Sailing on a zipline across the forest tops is another fabulous thing to do in Punta Cana. You will need a head for heights! The tour is safe and well organized. Guides will give you a safety briefing and show you how to use the ropes. Get into the harness and set off, hopping from one platform to another and seeing the most astounding views over the lush tropical greenery.

Punta Cana also offers a unique zipline that is attached to a cliff rather than to trees. The Farallon Line crosses the Cap Cana forests, with stunning views of a huge lagoon and towering cliffs. The journey to the start of the line takes you across suspension bridges and through beautiful eco-trails that will delight the eye before you start your airborne flight.

Horseback Riding In Punta Cana

Exploring on horseback is a great thing to do in Punta Cana. Book a tour in Punta Cana and set off along the pristine Uvero Alto Beach with a small group and a knowledgeable guide. Trips are suitable for all ages and all levels of riding experience. Your horse will be selected to match your size and weight. You can walk, trot or gallop, it is up to you! Then try a horse ride along the beautiful Anamuya River and visit a cigar plantation where you will learn the secrets of this trade.

If you enjoy caves, take the Cap Cana horse ride which visits the freshwater Blue Lagoon in the depths of the Las Ondas cave. This is a stunning trip, offering a day exploring the natural beauty of the Island on horseback with a buffet-style lunch included.

Cruises And Sailing In Punta Cana

Cruising and sailing trips offer more exciting things to do in Punta Cana. The waters are filled with luxury yachts, catamarans and local boats. A catamaran cruise to Saona Island offers a great way to spend a day. Sail to white sandy beaches surrounded by coconut palms, swim in the azure waters, enjoy a scrumptious lunch and sip an exotic cocktail before sailing back.

Groups will enjoy a snorkeling and party cruise where you can dive overboard to see the magnificent marine life. Then eat, drink, party and enjoy the music on deck as you cruise around the island. If you are a serious diver, take a deep sea diving cruise out to the iconic Wall and Aquarium Dive sights at Catalina Island. Dive depths range from 16 to 131 feet and guides are available for a lesson if you are a beginner.

Parasailing In Punta Cana

Parasailing high above the ocean is an exhilarating thing to do in Punta Cana and one of the top Punta Cana activities. Your guide will strap you safely into your seat under the brightly colored parasail which is then attached to a speed boat. The take-off and landings are from dry land, so there is no need to get wet! As the boat speeds along the coast, you will enjoy a thrilling bird’s eye view of the coastline, the white sandy beaches, luxury resorts and swaying palm trees. Ride with a partner and choose your height from 100 to 250 feet.

For added fun, select a trip that combines parasailing with snorkeling or a party when you get back to land or a shopping experience at the quaint local stores. There are combinations to suit all tastes.


Dune Buggy and Parasailing Combo in Punta Cana!

Keep reading our list of activities and tours in Punta Cana.

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