Saona Island Excursion

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One of the things that children enjoy most is to share unique moments and experiences with their parents as a family, especially if they include visiting new places! Kids are constantly exploring and learning, and they need contact and interaction with nature.

When vacationing in Punta Cana there is a unique opportunity to go on a great family tour and get in touch with nature while visiting Saona Island! In fact, it is said that if you come to the Dominican Republic and don’t go to Saona Island it’s as if you hadn’t come at all!

This tour is one of the most recommended and one of the most repeatedly taken by our frequent visitors. And it isn’t just about great publicity; this tour is genuinely amazing thanks to the paradisiacal landscapes and the unbelievable clarity of the crystal-clear waters of Saona Island.

During this fun family tour, you will board a beautiful catamaran for a safe ride accompanied by expert guides. You can enjoy wonderful views of Caribbean white-sand beaches and turquoise waters along the way. Upon arriving on the island, you can all plunge into the waters for a refreshing swim. Afterward, a delicious and varied buffet lunch gives your kids the chance to try the best Dominican dishes as well as some international alternatives.

Then, you can lie down and rest in the sand or relax in a swinging hammock while your children play in the beautiful calm beach. On the way back, the catamaran stops at the largest natural “pool” in the world! It is not an actual pool, but it has amazingly calm, shallow, clear waters in a sand bank about 1,300 feet from the shores.

The whole ride is accompanied with Dominican rum and Mamajuana for the parents, soft drinks for the children and plenty of simple water to keep you well hydrated throughout the tour.

It is a really unique experience for the whole family that we totally recommend! ?

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