Punta Cana is a little more than a 2-hour flight from Miami. It’s a favorite spring spot for its casinos and clubs by night, and sun-soaked, coral sand beaches by day. Try a catamaran sail, zip line through the rain forest or just relax and party.

Have fun and stay safe with these tips and hacks.

Spring break is practically a rite of passage for college students and other millennials. But some hot spots have enacted curfews and restricted alcohol use, so check out the local laws before you go. Then use our hacks and tips for fun in the sun.

Tips and Hacks for Spring Break in Punta Cana:

  • Hot weather and alcohol don’t mix. You feel the effects of drinking faster when the temperatures climb and when the water’s warm in the pool, ocean or hot tub.
  • Watch the weather. Storms can move in fast, so go to a safe place if you see lightning, hear thunder or experience strong winds.
  • Lock your valuables in your trunk or hotel safe.
  • Don’t drink and drive, of course, and if you use a taxi, Lyft or Uber driver, check their names, phone numbers, and license numbers against the info you’re given when you book.
  • Don’t flash your cash or go solo to an ATM.
  • Take your drink with you if you leave a table or bar. You don’t want anybody to add anything to your beer or cocktail.
  • Stay close to friends, and make sure everyone is always accounted for.
  • Drinking can make sunburns worse. Slather on the sunscreen before you imbibe.
  • Don’t swim alone, and wear the proper flotation devices for water sports.