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USD $90

Punta Cana Zip Line Adventure: 12 Lines, 18 Platforms, Rivers & Mountains

USD $90

Tour Itinerary

This is the Dominican Republic's pioneering zip line tour, crafted by Costa Rica's seasoned zip line circuit architects and endorsed by the Association for Challenge Course Technology. After a brief 45-minute safari truck ride, you'll step into an unparalleled realm of entertainment.

Our canopy connoisseurs will familiarize you with the equipment and the thrilling journey ahead. Once at the Welcome Center, a safety briefing preps you for the adventure. As you "fly" from one platform to the next, you'll be securely fastened to double line cables, with the longest stretch spanning 800 meters!

As your journey winds down, indulge in some relaxation. Savor exotic fruit slices, letting nature's energy rejuvenate you.

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What to expect

Star at the Welcome Center where our expert canopy guides teach you all you need to know about the ride and the equipment, and cover a safety review. Then, it’s time for the zip lining fun to begin as you reach the first platform and then zip your way over the beautiful jungle landscape.

Essential Information

Liability Waiver signature is mandatory.
Attend a crucial safety briefing.
Wear covered shoes.
Suitable for adventurers aged 6 and above.
Children under 12 can enjoy up to the 8th zip line.
Weight limits: Minimum 20kg (44lbs) and Maximum 127kg (280lbs).
Maximum waist size: 112cm (44in).
The longest zip lines in the Dominican Republic and the only one in the country with a side-by-side cable. Certified yearly by ACCT (https://www.acctinfo.org/).

Tour Highlights

  • Glide on the Caribbean's longest zip line, with the longest stretch reaching up to 800 meters!
  • Revel in the breathtaking views of the tropical mountain range.
  • Dive deep into the heart of Anamuya Mountain, seeking its hidden treasures.
  • Feel the rush as you zip close to the lush jungle vegetation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age and weight restrictions apply for the Punta Cana Zip Line Adventure?
The adventure is suitable for participants aged 6 and above. There's a weight limit, with a minimum of 20kg (44lbs) and a maximum of 127kg (280lbs). Additionally, the maximum waist size allowed is 112cm (44in). Children under 12 can experience up to the 8th zip line for safety reasons.
Do I need any prior zip-lining experience to join the adventure?
No prior zip-lining experience is required! Our expert guides will provide comprehensive training and a safety briefing at the Welcome Center before the adventure begins. All necessary equipment and instructions will be provided to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
What should I wear and bring for the zip-lining adventure?
Participants are required to wear covered shoes for safety. It's also recommended to wear comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities. We provide all necessary zip-lining equipment, helmets, and water. You might want to bring a camera to capture the breathtaking views, but ensure it's securely fastened during the zip-lining activity.
How long is the duration of the Punta Cana Zip Line Adventure?
The Punta Cana Zip Line Adventure takes approximately 5 hours in total. This includes hotel pickup and drop-off, equipment setup, safety briefing, and the actual zip-lining experience across the various platforms and lines. However, the actual time spent zip-lining might be shorter, with the rest of the time allocated for preparations and transportation.

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5 hours